Incorruptible politicians aren’t born,

The wealthy have far too much control over the lives of the 99%. The Incorruptibles’ work engages everyday citizens in reclaiming their rightful voice in society. Our goal is to create true democracy in America.

Join us as we fill all levels of government with unwavering politicians fighting for economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.



We’re training grassroots teams across the country to fill their city councils with incorruptible politicians, and we will soon have distance learning so we can train thousands to participate in taking back our government.  Our work needs your support.




We train grassroots teams to take back their city government.

Our training program is based on the successful model of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, which now has a super-majority on their city council despite millions of corporate dollars spent against them.  Read more–>

Want to put true representatives of the people in your city government?  And then help them move into state and national offices?

Come to one of our 7 workshops in MA and RI!


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National Team

We have a strategy for filling all levels of government with unwavering politicians who fight for economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.

We believe the only way for us to reach this goal is to rely upon the unique skills and perspectives of many different people. We’d love to include yours!  Curious about who we are? Read about us.


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“This is the most inspirational time I’ve spent in forever.  It helps lift the depression that we’ve all endured for the last year. Thank you So Much.”

“You Incorruptible folks are fantastic! Loved your workshop with F.U.N. Progressives in Fremont on Oct 1st. I appreciated your follow-up compilation, and look forward to more workshops / training. You guys are the real deal, F.U.N. Progressives is proud to be an affiliate!”

“I’ve always had the motivation to create change, but these workshops have given me the tools I need to make it happen.”

“This has been more beneficial than anything learned in college.”

“This workshop has given me hope against the plight of the working class.”

“I think it’s great you’re doing what you’re doing! This country needs a lot of work and it’s good someone is organizing people.”

“Great moderators!”

“Loved the workshop! Everything about it!”

“Thank you so much for coming to Oklahoma this weekend. I plan on pushing forward with the “Unifying Electoral Strategy” of the RPA-type after this.”

“The workshops were thought-provoking and inspiring.  To continue working for election goals to affect positive change — very worthwhile.”

“I’m glad someone is doing this! Thanks”

“Great training!”

“Thank you for giving us the tools to make real changes.”

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