Incorruptible politicians aren’t born,

The wealthy have far too much control over the lives of the 99%. The Incorruptibles’ work engages everyday citizens to reclaim their rightful voice in society. Our goal is to create true democracy in America.

Join us as we fill all levels of government with unwavering politicians fighting for economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.

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We train grassroots teams to take back their city government.

Our members learn how to quickly take over their city councils with for-the-people elected officials.  Our training program is based on the successful model of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, which now has a super-majority on their city council despite millions of corporate dollars spent against them.  Read more–>

Members get access to our online learning platform and other resources to help them learn this new organizing model.

Want to put true representatives of the people in your city government?  And then help them move into state and national offices?


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The training The Incorruptibles provides is invaluable.
As a sitting progressive mayor, I believe The Incorruptibles’ training will
change the nature of politics in my city for the better. I encourage
every progressive elected official to learn this effective new model.”
— Heidi Harmon, mayor of San Luis Obispo

 “The workshops in Oklahoma were fabulous!  Thanks so much for giving
us a template, we were just talking tonight, and a board member said that
the Incorruptibles workshops were the most significant
thing we’ve done yet, as an Our Revolution group.
The clarity of concepts was so helpful.”
— Melody Ball, Our Revolution Oklahoma board member

Every local resistance group needs this workshop!
This is a great framework to flip the power in your own local
community and build leadership for higher offices!”
— Karen May, ActLocal

“I think the model that The Incorruptibles puts forth is
something that all activist organizations need to learn,
especially in the current era.  I’ve told everyone I know that
they need to bring this workshop to their group.

— Rachel Distler, Our Revolution Somerville

“Loved it! The best nuts and bolts approach ever.
— Activist, Hayward, CA

“So impressed to learn of your organization as the
workshop is a must for every activist and so urgent.”
— Activist, Burbank, CA

Rarely is there a chance to hear so much useful
information in one place
.  What wasn’t new was good to
hear again to confirm, and what was new was very practical.”
— Activist, Lowel, MA

“This is the most inspirational time I’ve spent in forever.
It helps lift the depression that we’ve all endured for the last year.
Thank you So Much.”
— Activist, Oklahoma City, OK

The novel approach The Incorruptibles takes to achieving lasting
progressive change at a local level is like nothing I’ve
seen before in two decades of activism.

— Organizer, Waltham, MA

“I only learned of this 24 hours ago but am so glad I
scrambled to attend. Will definitely be advocating
for more just like it — especially in red areas.”
— Organizer, Los Angeles, CA

“I found the outline to be the perfect first steps to
developing a more cohesive and in-depth strategy
in moving our state forward in becoming more progressive.”
— Organizer, Providence, RI

An end-to-end tour de force for building
coalition and making impactful change.”
— Activist, Cambridge, MA


“We really appreciated all the lessons you had to offer, and it was
clear after the last session with you yesterday how folks who
attended felt we needed to change the way we approached
our organizing in order to achieve our goals — no doubt,
a direct result of our discussions with you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
— Organizer, Waltham, MA


We’re training grassroots teams across the country to fill their city councils with incorruptible politicians, and we will soon have distance learning so we can train thousands to participate in taking back our government.  Our work needs your support.




We have a strategy for filling all levels of government with unwavering politicians who fight for economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.

We believe the only way for us to reach this goal is to rely upon the unique skills and perspectives of many different people. We’d love to include yours!  Curious about who we are? Read about us.




A bit of insight into our worldview and strategy.  We love comments, so please let us know what you think!