Beta Membership

We train organizers in the best practices for becoming THE political force in your city, so you can elect great leaders year after year.

Join us in welcoming our 50 new members from 18 states!

Registration for our free trial has ended, so if you would like to join them, please visit our membership page.

During the month of June, these activists will get:

  • Facilitator training. The Incorruptibles will train up you to facilitate our Strategy workshop for local activists.
  • Online workshop materials.  All materials will be available to you so you can facilitate a workshop at your convenience.
  • Online Incorruptibles facilitator: One of our staff or volunteers will be available via video conference during your workshop (depending on availability).
  • Help line.  We encourage you to call The Incorruptibles staff & volunteers — this is how some of our member groups have had the most success.

Visit our online training academy for details about our workshops:

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You can see us discuss our perspectives on many topics on our YouTube channel.