Launched in May of 2017, The Incorruptibles is on a mission to fill all levels of government with unwavering politicians who are committed to economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.

In just a few short months we have talked to hundreds of grassroots organizers around the country.  This has helped us understand what’s already working for them and what is not.  Through these conversations we have created a long-term strategy and also started concrete first steps.

Our strategy: Fill local government by training grassroots groups in the transformative RPA model, then move to state and national via strategically chosen cities and districts.  Want to know more about exactly how this works?  Join one of our weekly intro calls.

First steps: We have developed a series of workshops designed to help grassroots organizers overcome the common stumbling blocks to forming truly powerful city-wide organizations.  We’ve begun presenting our first workshop, an overview designed to help them form an overall strategy, and the feedback is very positive.

To get where we are now has taken hundreds of volunteer hours.  To get where we need to be, with active teams in 1,000 cities and positioned to take back key state governments, we need to have a few people who are dedicated to this full-time.

  • $3 per month connects an Incorruptibles-trained grassroots organizer to our national network of organizers and elected officials.
  • $9 per month provides a grassroots team with the Incorruptibles first workshop where they form a strategy to take back their city.
  • $27 per month sends our trainers to a city outside of Northern California.
  • $49 pays for our distance learning platform that allows us to reach groups across the country.
  • $81 sets us on a path to long-term sustainability: 1,000 city chapters and takeover of state and national elected bodies.