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Donate to The Incorruptibles

Launched in May of 2017, The Incorruptibles is on a mission to fill all levels of government with unwavering politicians who are committed to economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.

We need your support.

Our strategy: We train candidates and grassroots groups in the transformative RPA model, then move on to state and national levels via strategically chosen cities and districts.  Want to know more about exactly how this works?  Contact us

Our series of workshops helps grassroots organizations create truly powerful city-wide and state-wide coalitions.  We’ve been invited to give these workshops in many states including California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.

It has taken hundreds of volunteer hours to get to where we are now. To get where we need to be, with active teams in 1,000 cities and positioned to take back key state governments, we need to fund a small staff.

  • $3 per month connects an Incorruptibles-trained grassroots organizer to our national network of organizers and elected officials.
  • $9 per month provides a local grassroots team with the Incorruptibles’ first workshop, in which they form a strategy to take back their city.
  • $27 per month sends our trainers to a city that requests us.
  • $49 per month pays for our Online Learning Platform where we teach groups across the country online.
  • $99 per month sets us on a path to long-term sustainability: 1,000 city chapters and takeover of state and national elected bodies.

Why Donate Monthly

1. It helps us plan

With monthly donations, we have a very good idea of how much we’ll be able to spend on travel, materials, and eventually staff.  With one-time donations, we never know what the next month will bring.

2. Administrative overhead

Best practices in the world of fundraising involve different communication strategies for different segments of donors.  So ideally we should have one communication strategy for people who have donated once, another for people who have donated only twice within two years, another for people whose last donation was more than two years ago, still another for monthly donors, and all of these will be done differently depending on the amount of the donation.  Larger organizations have multiple staff people just to handle fundraising communication.  We’re still very small, and we’d rather spend our time inspiring and training organizers and building a movement than developing and implementing fundraising strategies.

3. Thank versus ask

With monthly donors our communication is simple: we thank immediately and periodically, and we provide a stream of information about the impact your donation is having.  We love doing that!  Not surprisingly, none of us likes asking people for money.  And when someone contributes to us with a one-time donation, we eventually have to ask again.

Our theory of affecting change is to create the world we want.  Can you imagine if NPR switched to monthly donors and never had a pledge drive again?  Help us create the reality where we never ask you for money, but instead each month you see evidence of the amazing work you enable.

Thank you!