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Strategize Your City

How can your organization become THE dominant force in city politics?  This workshop introduces the basics of creating a long-lasting coalition that elects true representatives of the people every election.  In this workshop, The Incorruptibles guide you through the five key areas you’ll focus on to build a strong grassroots movement to take over your city.  Our model for city organizing is based on the incredible victories of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Mass Alliance, Bernie Sanders, and other electoral successes.

Raising Small-Dollar Donations

How can true representatives of the people compete with corporate-backed candidates?  We must become experts at raising hundreds, thousands, or millions of small donations.  In this workshop, The Incorruptibles guide you through a simple process by which you can turn every event into an opportunity to inspire generosity from supporters.  We’ll also focus on a specific type of event, the Bernie-style Town Hall, that is an excellent way to learn from, educate, and mobilize constituents (to donate or volunteer).

Participatory Democracy (with Gayle McLaughlin)

The first day in office is often the loneliest one for progressive candidates.  While our volunteer organizers have gone on to other things, corporate donors and party insiders meet with their elected officials to guide them in policy.  We need to offer the same support to our elected leaders.  In this workshop you will learn the secret to the Richmond Progressive Alliance’s success in creating radically people-centered policy from the great Gayle McLaughlin, one of their founders and their first two-term mayor.

Convincing Coalition Partners

Coalition building is the fastest way to build the power you need to win elections.  How can you convince other leaders and groups to join your coalition?  Jane McAlevey, one of the most successful union organizers in the last 30 years, has a tried and true method of finding organic leaders in any group and convincing them to join the cause.

Runaway Inequality

Educate people about the realities of runaway inequality.  Les Leopold, author of Runaway Inequality, is creating an army of 30,000 trainers across the country to teach people about what is actually going on in our economy, and the details about how the 1% is stealing money earned by the rest of us.  Red and blue voters alike leave this workshop hopping mad and ready to kick some 1% butt!

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