Over 50 activists from 18 states

We train organizers in the best practices for becoming THE political force in their city, so they can elect great leaders year after year.

In June, we trained 50 activists from 18 states to facilitate our flagship workshop, Strategize Your City.  Here is a map of where they come from:

These activists belong to many different national groups, including Our Revolution, Indivisible, Democracy for America, the Green Party, Represent.us, Democratic Socialists of America, Rise Stronger, Progressive Democrats of America, and ActLocal.  Three of the above-mentioned groups sent staff to our training to evaluate it for their groups nationwide.

It has been wonderful to hear these organizers stories from their communities, and to provide them with materials they can take to their communities to drive engagement and power-building.

You can visit our online training academy for details about our workshops here:

And you can get trained too!  Just join as a member: https://theincorruptibles.us/membership/


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