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Our workshops for grassroots groups are unique: We train organizers in the best practices for becoming THE political force in your city, so you can elect great leaders year after year.  This is our list of workshops (signup at the bottom!):

Strategize Your City

Who lives in your city? What organizations have leaders you can tap? What are the seats of power and which politicians should you replace? This workshop introduces many of the concepts pioneered by the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Bernie, and other successful, corporate-free, grassroots leaders.

Coalition Building

How to have conversations with organic leaders in any group to convince them to join your coalition.

Continuous Town Halls

How to run a Bernie-style town hall where you learn from and mobilize specific communities in your city.

Knock Every Door

How to knock on doors between elections — 70% listening, 30% educating/mobilizing

Runaway Inequality

Educating people about the realities of runaway inequality.  Red and blue voters alike leave this workshop hopping mad and ready to kick some 1% butt!

Participatory Democracy

How to work with your elected officials to make sure progressive policies are passed.

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