6 Winning Strategies Revealed in White Paper: Progressive Blueprint for 2020

Boston, MA – A new white paper released by NewFounders and The Incorruptibles analyzes 6 recent winning electoral strategies and provides a blueprint for nationwide progressive campaigns to succeed in 2020 and beyond.

The paper, “Extraordinary, Repeatable Organizing Wins for a New Age,” explains top strategies in grassroots political organizing from the 2018 midterms and earlier.

“The progressive movement won’t be won by having more money or newer technology – it will be won by using the absolute best practices in organizing that mobilize the majority of people into a true grassroots revolution,” said Anna Callahan, co-founder and director of The Incorruptibles.

Best practices include campaigns modeled on the Richmond Progressive Alliance, in the SF Bay Area, which controls a super majority on the City Council due to a deep bench of progressive candidates who were able to fight and win against Chevron election spending.

The paper’s other analyses include how:

  • Represent.Us used small teams, strategic language and nonpartisan organizing to mobilize 500,000 volunteers and pass anti-corruption laws nationwide.
  • SEIU identified and elevated organic leaders to unionize over 90% of workers and win real reforms at dozens of nursing homes across Connecticut.
  • Bernie Sanders targeted specific communities and made constituents the experts in order to win their support, raise small dollar donations and gain votes.
  • Cooperation Jackson introduced worker-owned cooperatives, community land trusts and people’s assemblies to solve problems in the Mississippi capital.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used strategic partnerships and effective field organizing to turn out first-time voters and win against a 10-term incumbent.


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