January 19-21, 2018 The Incorruptibles traveled to Oklahoma to provide training to activists in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Norman in four workshops:

  • Strategize Your City: How to take over city government in Tulsa.
  • Strategize Your City: How to take over city government in Oklahoma City
  • Strategize Your State: How to take over state Senate and House in Oklahoma.
  • Raising Small Dollar Donations: How to turn every event into an opportunity to inspire generosity from supporters.

We were so inspired by the incredible energy and knowledge that these activists displayed!  Here are photos and testimonials from that weekend.

“The workshops in Oklahoma were fabulous!  Thanks so much for giving us a template, we were just talking tonight, and a board member said that the Incorruptibles workshops were the most significant thing we’ve done yet, as an Our Revolution group.  The clarity of concepts was so helpful.  We’re working on defining our coalition deal-breakers!”

“This is the most inspirational time I’ve spent in forever.  It helps lift the depression that we’ve all endured for the last year. Thank you So Much.”

“I’ve always had the motivation to create change, but these workshops have given me the tools I need to make it happen.”

“I think it’s great you’re doing what you’re doing! This country needs a lot of work and it’s good someone is organizing people.”

“This has been more beneficial than anything learned in college.”

“This workshop has given me hope against the plight of the working class.”


“Loved the workshop! Everything about it!”

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